Medical Devices R&D

Transfer to Production

Once the product has sufficiently matured for mass production, Inomec supports its customers in the transition from development to production, whether this is in the production of small batches or in large batches for sale.

Inomec manufactures and assembles clinical batches in-house. To this end, it has a clean room certified to the ISO 7 classification. We perform laser welding in our clean room and provide the full range of clinical operation services for production, including: 

  • Purchase orders
  • Incoming inspection
  • Traceability
  • Subcontractors management for subassemblies

Inomec collaborates with leading providers specializing in medical devices manufacturing in large batches in a clean environment. An Inomec’sengineer supports the project at the manufacturer (whether domestically or abroad) and is in continuous contact with the entrepreneur. Thanks to this, the engineer that developed the product, ts testing, and assembly processes is optimally involved in the transfer to production process, yielding maximum efficiency and professionalism.

Inomec carries out quality and standards audits for the suppliers it works with. If the customer is interested in a specific supplier, who does not work with the company on a regular basis, Inomec verifies that the selected supplier is compliant with the quality and standard requirements and that they possess the full set of required certifications.