Creating Success Together

Anatomical Simulators

A good laboratory testing model that correctly imitates anatomical conditions and behavior provides a major benefit in shortening the medical device route to market. It helps the engineers to test their design, help physicians evaluate and practice product usability before in-vivo evaluation and provide a tool for marketing in demonstrating the device.
InoMec is experienced and highly creative in building such simulators utilizing its wide knowledge in tissues, anatomical emulations and turning device clinical requirements to a suitable lab test model.
Demonstration/testing projects:

  • Controlled heart pressure chamber
  • Vascular flow models of various anatomy and flow conditions
  • Artificial tissue imitating penetration forces
  • Trackability and push ability systems for catheters
  • Temperature controlled systems with high-end accuracy and resolution
  • 3D scanning and modeling
  • Acceleration, pressure and other controlled physical parameters imitating systems